Tony Kay

Tony Kay is a DJ & producer in Dubai.

As a DJ, Tony always plots exciting musical journeys that make people feel real emotions as
they dance the night away. His style, influenced by the North African, European and American underground sounds, definitely converged into house music.

Tony’s raw passion
for music has been with him since childhood but his enthusiasm for the underground came
at the tender age of 15 when he came across house music. At 17 years old, Tony started djing whilst organising parties & events.

With inspirations from sounds of Dennis Cruz, Dj Chus, and Nic Fanciulli, Tony Kay’s performances are spectacular. He keeps the audience engaged and energetic by performing live mashups and remixes.

As a producer he is truly innovative with his fresh sounds. Tony has a burning ambition to create music that
transcends cultural barriers, and to captivate every audience. He has been brewing his studio
sound for the past four year sand has cultivated a unique musical personality.

Without having to follow any fashion or trend, Tony’s productions are always undeniably electric. As he always says, “Electronic music is the greatest language of all. No words, just the
vibration, the emotion and the beat.”

You can catch Tony Kay In The Mix every Monday at 11pm.

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