All OUTREACH DANCE DJ’s and presenters are people from or with a strong affinity to electronic and dance music.

They’ve all very kindly given up their time, and volunteered to produce and present wonderful regular programmes on OUTREACH DANCE. Some of them had previous radio experience, other’s didn’t, but they were all willing to join in and give it a try, as way to share something positive, entertaining and and fun.

Osman Sen-Chadun aka Oz or DJ Oz

I'm the founder and Managing Director of Outreach Radio and Outreach Dance.. I've been involved in radio, TV and online broadcasting for nearly 35 years, mostly on the business & technical side, but also as a radio presenter on pirate radio (in a past life!) & on community radio.

I'm passionate about all types of music, particularly Reggae & World Music, and personally specialise in 'tropical music genres'; Reggae, Sega, Soca, Zouk, Reggaeton, etc - my parents are from Mauritius, so I guess its in my blood! I listen to everything, from Reggae to Classical & Opera, Jungle/Drum n Bass & Hardcore/Techno to French, Italian or Latino, Electro & Hip-Hop to Balkan, Folk Music or Country Pop, and lots more.

I started Lockdown FM as a way to support our local area during the difficult time of the Coronavirus pandemic. The amazing success of this service, and awesome team of people who came forward to volunteer, led me to form Outreach Radio, then Outreach Dance. We are a standalone local operated company, and not part of any media group.

Email Osman:

You can catch Oz for the Island Vibrations show every Saturday from 11am-1pm.

Matt Belsey

Hi, I’m Matt.

DJ / Producer / Travel Enthusiast
After Many years working at sea on cruise ships I have now come back to root myself to land life. In doing that I am keen to get back in to the radio scene.

Club DJ since I was 18 for nightclubs under the Deltic Group, and from then music just become my life. I produce music, achieved my degree at Solent Uni, was an Entertainments Manager within Royal Caribbean, released my music on Spotify, and was lucky enough to present for various radio stations in the past, and even involved in the launch of local radio station now known as Enham Radio under Enham Trust in Andover.

About Me:
I love to travel hence my previous career, learning to fly, chat too much, love people, and can normally be found outdoors.

Email Matt:

Matt is Programming Director for Outreach Dance, and presents Weekday breakfast from 6-9am, and Classic Dance Anthems from midnight every Saturday night.

Adrian Romagno

Adrian has been around the Dj biz since he was an awkward teenager in high school. His first gig was at the age of 16 where he wasn’t even old enough to be in the venue! Since that time, Adrian has become ‘that’ Dj in and around Melbourne. Having a passion for parties, Adrian started the event business called ‘Spice of Life Entertainment’ because (to him,) variety is the spice of life and diversity brings us together! Exploring that diversity is what made Adrian known as ‘That’ Dj because he’d play the music no other Dj’s would dare play and if it was too difficult to mix, he’d find a way to mix it and make it sound amazing!

In 2013, the event business sparked the first online label. Focussing on Techno, Trance and DnB with a little bit of House music thrown in for good measure. A second label was sparked to cater to the more commercial, EDM side of things. This was the All-Access EDM label which actually came about from a very successful Sound Cloud group that existed at that time (before the portal removed groups.) Most recently Adrian has founded the ‘House Music Melbourne’ online label which focuses on the ‘other’ house sound of Melbourne.

There are too many good songs, good sounds, good parties and good people in the world of dance music to focus on one thing is to miss out on so much of that goodness and so the best parties have always been the ones that can go in any direction! That’s how Adrian handles his sets and his events. Don’t come with an expectation, be open to what it can be!

A veteran of the Melbourne Shuffle, a horrified onlooker of Melbourne Bounce, Adrian brings it all together in a peace treaty of Melbourne, music- factional warfare!

Unblock your ears and cheers to another 23 years!

Email Adrian:

You can catch Adrian every weekday from 9am-midday, and every Friday night from 10pm-midnight for Spice Of Life.

Andrew Kingshott

Hi my name is Kingshott. I am a DJ and multidisciplinary artist, (visual arts to sound art & everything in between).

Originally from Selsey in West Sussex, I relocated to Wexford over a decade ago. I'm Interested in all styles of music. Growing up, my first experience with music was hearing Rock 'n' Roll and Soul being played at home, then around 1987, l was given The Buzzcocks, Singles Going Steady, album from 1979.

By this time l was starting to be influenced by Hip-Hop music coming out of the U.S.A which lead me to an interest in Funk and Soul. l wanted to know where the Hip-Hop crews were getting their samples from.

This second Summer of Love was also in 1988, with the Acid House scene and hearing the Detroit techno from the mid '80s - and lets not forget Chicago House music.

At this time music was a hot mixing pot of styles, and then a mate who was a an "Indie kid" lead me to the indie scene and Manchester scene attending gig's, warehouse parties etc. Acid House was interesting to me because the DJ's were not playing only one sort of music. It was a journey into music and a style of DJ'ing that l myself like anything goes, which is what l try to do.

Along side the music, the art around each subculture interested me - the Punk art, the B-Boy scene with its graffiti, and breaking dancing, the art and graphics coming out of the Manchester scene with its unique style and aesthetic.

Music has the power to make us smile and bring us to all types of tears. It can carry us back in time and inspire us to dance in the moment. For all our happiest days, there is music. The thing l love is how it is all connected and it unites people, bringing us all together.

Email Andrew:

You can catch Kingshott every Wednesday & Thursday from 4-7pm for Drive Time and every Saturday from 8-10pm for Welcome To The Underground.

Landry DJ

Landry DJ began as self-taught DJ with a growing passion that he went on to share in the clubs in Switzerland, where he entertains the audience with the sound of disco, house, funk or R&B.

He quickly became resident DJ in bars in Switzerland and abroad such as the TILT(F) etc. His aim - simply to please people who have come to have fun, with his style directed more preceisely on house music.

In 2008, he took the plunge into music production and launched his independent digital label Alod-records whuch specialises in house, electro & club dance.

You can catch Landry DJ every Monday at 10pm for Monster In My House.

Tony Kay

Tony Kay is a DJ & producer in Dubai.

As a DJ, Tony always plots exciting musical journeys that make people feel real emotions as
they dance the night away. His style, influenced by the North African, European and American underground sounds, definitely converged into house music.

Tony's raw passion
for music has been with him since childhood but his enthusiasm for the underground came
at the tender age of 15 when he came across house music. At 17 years old, Tony started djing whilst organising parties & events.

With inspirations from sounds of Dennis Cruz, Dj Chus, and Nic Fanciulli, Tony Kay's performances are spectacular. He keeps the audience engaged and energetic by performing live mashups and remixes.

As a producer he is truly innovative with his fresh sounds. Tony has a burning ambition to create music that
transcends cultural barriers, and to captivate every audience. He has been brewing his studio
sound for the past four year sand has cultivated a unique musical personality.

Without having to follow any fashion or trend, Tony’s productions are always undeniably electric. As he always says, “Electronic music is the greatest language of all. No words, just the
vibration, the emotion and the beat.”

You can catch Tony Kay In The Mix every Monday at 11pm.

DJ Ifa Halima Bumi

Driving the music industry across the world internationally and unprecedented with an intuitive touch, DJ Ifa Halima Bumi is amplifying major venues, expos, conferences and fashion events with solid music seizing a unique applause from industry coordinators and attendees.

Explosive and energetic, this Hollywood lifestyle DJ is vibing crowds from LA Swim Week event in Los Angeles to radio listeners at Outreach Readio in the UK, to name a few.

It is without a doubt DJ Ifa Halima Bumi, "DJ with a Didgeridoo", is bringing an experience to her avid fans across the country and to the world.

You can catch DJ Bumi every Thursday at 5am for Continuity Deep Sessions.

Jon Maby

I started DJ'ing late in life 1996 at the age of 26, but was always into music from an early age.

In 1998, I started playing out in clubs as warm-up DJ for Adam Presdee in my local town, Coventry. I worked with Adam in various clubs across the West Midlands.

I have picked up a lot of knowledge in the DJ world & meet various people who have helped me get to where I am today. Nowadays I try to get my work but still keep in touch with the people I have meant along the way.

You can catch Jon Maby every Saturday at 3pm for Cool House Sessions.

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