Adrian Romagnano

Adrian has been around the Dj biz since he was an awkward teenager in high school. His first gig was at the age of 16 where he wasn’t even old enough to be in the venue! Since that time, Adrian has become ‘that’ Dj in and around Melbourne. Having a passion for parties, Adrian started the event business called ‘Spice of Life Entertainment’ because (to him,) variety is the spice of life and diversity brings us together! Exploring that diversity is what made Adrian known as ‘That’ Dj because he’d play the music no other Dj’s would dare play and if it was too difficult to mix, he’d find a way to mix it and make it sound amazing!

In 2013, the event business sparked the first online label. Focussing on Techno, Trance and DnB with a little bit of House music thrown in for good measure. A second label was sparked to cater to the more commercial, EDM side of things. This was the All-Access EDM label which actually came about from a very successful Sound Cloud group that existed at that time (before the portal removed groups.) Most recently Adrian has founded the ‘House Music Melbourne’ online label which focuses on the ‘other’ house sound of Melbourne.

There are too many good songs, good sounds, good parties and good people in the world of dance music to focus on one thing is to miss out on so much of that goodness and so the best parties have always been the ones that can go in any direction! That’s how Adrian handles his sets and his events. Don’t come with an expectation, be open to what it can be!

A veteran of the Melbourne Shuffle, a horrified onlooker of Melbourne Bounce, Adrian brings it all together in a peace treaty of Melbourne, music- factional warfare!

Unblock your ears and cheers to another 23 years!

Email Adrian:

You can catch Adrian every weekday from 9am-midday, and every Friday night from 10pm-midnight for Spice Of Life.

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